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Easty-to-use tool to back up your entire system and restore it with one click
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Though some computers come with their own system backup and recovery program, they are of no use outside your PC or laptop. AOMEI OneKey Recovery is equally efficient, free, and easy to use, and is compatible with any Windows system and any computer. Besides, and also unlike built-in brand-locked recovery tools, this excellent free utility not only backs up and restore your operating system, but also all your data – media files, apps, e-mails, and drivers included.

AOMEI OneKey Recovery should be one of the first apps – if not the first – you may want to install on your new PC or laptop. It will create an ad hoc partition to store an exact image of your system so that you can restore it to its factory default easily whenever it crashes. However, this versatile free tool also gives you the opportunity of backing up and restoring anything that happens to be stored on your system. Thus, it is also advisable that you renew your system image every now and then in order not to lose your valuable data, applications, and memories.

Everything in this tool has been designed to help any user – regardless of whatever computer skills they may have – to save and recover their OS and data in the most stress-free and simple way. The program’s interface is divided into two simple and clear options – OneKey System Backup and OneKey System Recovery. Each of these options will open a wizard-based new interface, which will guide you through the entire process smoothly and effectively. The newly-created partition will be hidden by default, so that your backup data remains safe and available until needed. Alternatively, you can store your system backups on a different location, and even on an external drive.

In most cases, AOMEI OneKey Recovery will be capable to integrate with your system’s boot menu, so that whenever you click F11 – or whatever other key or key combination is required to access Windows PE Environment – OneKey Recovery will launch automatically to the rescue.

Even if your laptop or PC comes with its own recovery utility, this may also fail in case of a massive disaster. That is why it is advisable that you have this free tool also installed on your system as an alternative backup solution. In a remarkable gesture of generosity, AOMEI offers OneKey Recovery for free not only to individual users, but also to any computer company interested in providing this tool with their laptops or PCs. To help them build their own versions of the program, it comes with a wide array of customization and branding features.

Very few tools can offer so much settings for free. This excellent one-click backup and recovery tool is simply a must for all Windows users.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Straightforward functionality.
  • Wizard-driven interface.
  • Works with any Windows version and PC brand.
  • Creates a factory-recovery partition.
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